Jute rugs add a very ethnic and earthy dimension to the room. It is made of fibres from the jute plant, which is found in Asia. The fibre proves to be durable and withstands the wear of time very well, while being very soft and plush. In fact, it’s among the plushest of the rugs that are made of natural fibres. For example, the jute rug is softer than the sisal rug, making it perfect for rooms where you’ll be barefoot and able to fully appreciate the wool-like feel of the fibres on your feet. Unlike other natural fibres like sisal, jute won’t scratch the hardwood floor. It asks for very low maintenance. Being a natural fibrecarpet, it can be coupled with almost any theme you want. Its neutral tone complements a huge variety of patterns, themes, or decor.
Natural jute fibre is spun into yarn, which is dyed and dried in the sun. Then, the yarn is carefully handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and braided into braids. The braids are then sewn together to produce soft, durable and natural rugs.

Pearls of Prominence

Snow on the Mountain

Ivory Abode

Weaves of Peace

Sand and Shore

Casterly Rock

Stately Shimmer

Quiet Crusade