Hand Tufted Carpets

This product is made using specially designed hand held tufting machines and steel frames. Our product in this category, ranges from 2.50 kgs per square meter to 4.50 kgs per square meter pile weight, using normal or hard twisted Indian, imported, New Zealand & Indian blended or 100% New Zealand woolen or viscose/artsilk yarn in contemporary and traditional designs depending on customer's requirement. We can use different types of yarn and achieve unique textures. This product could be left unwashed or can be herbal washed or chemically washed depending on the requirement of our customers.
Any design in any shape can be made and the pile weight can be kept as per customer's desire.
The maximum width, which can be easily made in hand tufted is 12 feet. However, the length of the carpet could be kept up to 50 feet. The smallest size which we make is 3'x 2', though smaller sizes can also be made, if needed. Larger sizes can also be made on demand.


Cuban Pete

Sombre Salsa

Forest Floor

Mahogany Island


Sunset Tea

Curry Leaves


Kathmandu Road

Gulshan Ka Karobaar

Snow Garden

Pastel Brevity

Palace in Blue

Mint Reverie



Pristine Abyss