Custom Rugs:

A Masterpiece on the Floor

Do you have a very specific idea of what your place of recluse should look like, and wish to design it as per your taste? We completely understand our clients’ need to truly customize their living space as per their needs. Whatever you have in your mind, we have the resources to convert your dreams and ideas into reality. Our team of designers will work with you at every step in choosing the correct design, yarn fiber, color palette, texture to bring your rug to life. The commissioned rug could be of any size such as square, rectangle, round, oval, or hexagon.
You can either choose to use from our existing hundreds of designs/colors or start from scratch to bring your idea to life by using the services of our dedicated team of professionals.
Options such as hand knotted, or flat weave styles of weaving and materials such as wool, natural silk, viscose, linen, tencel etc… are all just a request away! Our production capability allows us to weave rugs of any size, colour or texture.

Each custom rug is a challenge to convert your idea into reality. Come work with us !

Our custom-made rugs can be made in virtually any size, color and texture. Rugs are hand-knotted in 60, 80, 100 or 150 knots per square inch with the higher knot counts being more durable and incrementally more time consuming to weave. We also offer flat weaves, dhurries, handloom rugs, looped rugs, shags, high and low pile, and patchwork rugs, among others.
Most hand-knotted rugs can be completed and delivered within 3 months, half the lead time of the industry. Lead time for flat weave rugs is 7 - 10 weeks and for handloom rugs is 6-8 weeks. We can provide pictures of each rug on the loom during the weaving process.

Custom Rugs-Handknotted





Custom Rugs-Hand Tufted