HAND TUFTED : This product is made using specially designed tufting machines and steel frames. Our product in this category, ranges from 2.50 kgs per square meter to 4.50 kgs  per square meter, using normal or hard twisted Indian, New Zealand & Indian blended or 100% New Zealand woollen yarn in contemporary, Aubusson and Persian designs based on customer's requirement. To give this product a unique effect, we use embroidery or even leave the pile looped, whenever desired. This product could be unwashed or washed herbal or chemical depending on the requirement of our customers. Any design can be made and the consumption of woollen yarn is kept as per the customer's desired requirement. The maximum width, which can be easily made in hand tufted is 12 feet. However, the length of the carpet could be kept up to 50 feet. The smallest size which we make is 3'x 2', though smaller sizes can also be made, if needed.

HANDLOOM / BROADLOOM :  This product is made on big shuttle looms and is generally made in one colour with the options of cut and loop pile finish. The required design is carved using contemporary or simple Persian motifs. The maximum width, which is made in this category is 15 feet. However, the length can be kept at 50 ft or above, if required. Here again, we select the yarn and the consumption as per our buyer's requirement.

HAND KNOTTED : This product too has a wide range. However, as of now, we make exquisite rugs in lower stitch. The lowest quality is plain ( unwashed ), off white or coloured  in 3.25/ 29 stitch ( 17 knots per sq inch ). The Aubusson designs are made in 4.50/40 stitch ( 33 knots per sq inch ) and are  chemically washed. The Persian designs are made in higher stitches (30 to 133 knots per sq inch ) and are given chemical wash. Our 30 to 40 knots per sq inch range is a very price attractive product for, though lower in stitch, it can take Persian designs very well. This product is made with Indian & New Zealand blended woollen yarn and also with fine New Zealand normal or hard twisted yarn.

ROD WEAVE : This  product is made using cylindrical rods. The thickness of the rod determines the size of knots. The knotting, as per the loom drawing depicting the design being woven, is done round the rod stretched across the width of the carpet. The looped knots so made are cut with a sharp knife and the rod removed to be used for the next line. We make Persian as well as cotemporary designs using the best New Zealand semi worsted woollen yarn in this category. This product is given heavy chemical wash. Due to the best quality yarn and heavy wash, very high sheen and luster is achieved on this product.

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